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The following are answers to some typical questions we get asked. You may also find order specific and contact information with the links listed below. If your question is not listed here, please do contact us, our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.


Your menu cover is an investment that we would like to ensure that you get the best benefit from over the years. Here are a few pointers to make sure that your menu covers keep in tip-top condition.

Tip 1
Routinely remove crumbs, food and drink stains using only a clean damp, lint free cloth. During this process also maintain and check that pages and or sleeves are also kept clean and replaced where necessary. Covers with screws may require a re-tensioning try to use a screwdriver for this process (not a table knife).

Tip 2
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that may deteriorate material finishes such as harsh cleaners and abrasives. Also try and avoid oils and pen marks where possible, as both may prove difficult to remove.

Tip 3
Storing menus may be difficult where space is at a premium. Whether stored flat or upright, try to maintain them in a position where they are kept as straight as possible.

Tip 4
Avoid storing them near extreme temperatures i.e. near coffee machines or in cool rooms or hot kitchens. Either environment, vastly different from ambient room temperature, may deteriorate the cover material and menu contents.